is anyone on here into '83 5000 Turbo Diesels ???

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Tue Oct 11 17:40:03 EDT 2005


I owned two 81 5000 diesels, not turbos but the same block and heads.  The
problem with these engines is that
they last about 100k before they need a rebuild.  New pistons $$$ and a bore
job.  You can tell if the compression . is low by the hard starting.  This
especially in cold weather.  Make sure the engine has not
been run and is stone cold.  If it starts easily after the glow plugs have
been warmed then the block should be O-kay.
To be sure do a compression test before buying.
      The heads have a tendency to crack between the valves.  If too bad the
crack will go into the water passage.   If this happens good luck on finding
another head.  I live in Seattle and had to get my heads out of state and
that was 15 years ago.

Hope this helps

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

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> Hi Chris:
> My understanding is that the '83 turbo diesel is underpowered for the
> of the car. I drove an '84 in poor condition recently and thought the
> was OK for that vintage of diesel. According to Altrom, the same
> and engine (?) was used from '83-'86.
> If you are interested in economy and not too interested in get up and go
> the diesel should interest you. It also opens up the possibility of using
> biodiesel. If you are interested in finding out more, I would suggest
> the VWDiesel list. Some of the guys on there are interested in anything
> and will answer questions even about 'merican diesels :-)
> I quote from their digest:
> "To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
> or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
>     vwdiesel-request at "
> Cheers
> George
> On Fri, 7 Oct 2005 20:26:28 EDT, JordanVw wrote
> > i found a '83 5000 Turbo diesel for sale..  runs and drives for
> > $1400.  anyone into them?  what can you tell me about them?  are
> > they reliable?
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