re. clicking/ticking noise...'88 90Q...199k

Huppert, Eric Eric.Huppert at
Fri Oct 14 10:28:09 EDT 2005





Have been through this with several Audis. Was reading the Bentley last
night for my sons 88 80Q and it says that lifter tick when cold is
acceptable in the five cylinders... 


My personal experience with the type 44's is some brands of oil (either the
10-40 or 20-50) just don't do well. I put over 40K on a year and use either
Havoline (cheap) or Castrol oil. Sure I'll get flamed for not advocating
synthetic, but my 87 5000TQ had over 400K before I sold it to my son. (He
drove it into the ground in six months but it did still run)  And, it ticked
when cold from 212K to the 400k. Current 90 200TQ has almost 300K, but no
lifter tick :o)


Like I said above, and several others have mentioned...Use good oil! 


One other good thing about the audis.... The lifters will generally start to
tick when oil needs changed or is low!!!!








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