clicking/ticking noise, '88 90Q

Tessie McMillan tessmc at
Fri Oct 14 13:03:14 EDT 2005

Might not be your issue but.... if lifters, at the minimum I check oil 
level. The lifters in my aging but death-defying '88 80Q click and tap 
when there's insufficient oil reaching them. Happens to me more in the 
winter (I think because I'm not paying close attention.)

Here's some trivia for anyone who's interested: I also get lifter noise 
from temporary oil starvation when I drive a certain track configuration. 
Some guys I talk to over-fill their engines to compensate (and I confess 
I've done this once or twice), then I tried running straight 40 weight. 
Then I switched to Amsoil. Now what I do is come off partway through the 
session, do some doughnuts in the opposite direction, then go back out 

in Bellevue, WA USA

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