'88 90Q....odometer...overheating warning light

Max Wellhouse maxjoyce at ipa.net
Fri Oct 14 18:02:54 EDT 2005

Walter:  I agree on the coolant level sensor.  It acts up on my Vanagon too.

As far as the Odo fix, there is one and I have done the repair thanks 
to a Mr. Tony Lum from the Audifans forum list.  I can't seem to find 
a url for the fix, but I'll bet if you emailed 
him(  tlum at flash.net  ) and asked real nicely, he'd make the photos 
and all available to you.  His fix is for the slipping of the drive 
gear and not a broken one.  the metal drive gear on the right hand 
side of the whole mess gets loose on the shaft and quits spinning 
properly.  What you do is gingerly remove the shaft so as not 
to  disturb the 6 number wheels(they're a bitch to get back in place 
and all lined up if they do come out!!) and gingerly re crimp the 
female hole of the drive gear so the shaft fits in their snuggly 
again.  The job took me about 3 hours and I was real careful and 
still spilled the wheels.  I actually wanted to reset the odo UP to 
150k from the 108k it was reading(remember, God is watching me do 
this!).  In addition to the instructions Tony gave, I added some blue 
loctitie to the plan, but made sure the plastic shaft support on the 
right hand side was greased so no loctite would set up in the shaft 
support.  the speedometer shop in California gets over 90 bucks plus 
two way shipping, and this repair cost me a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil 
and some blue loctite.

I also had a cracked speedo cable coupler  in which I was able to use 
some kevlar thread and epoxy to repair.  The cable for the 4kq is NLA 
from anybody and a new cable on ebay recently went for about $40.  A 
shop in CA will make yo a new one for anther $90.  I can make a 
pretty good down payment on a GPS unit that will tell me how fast I.m going.

Good luck on the fix

Max aka DM&FS

At 07:40 PM 10/13/2005, Walter Ikamba wrote:
>my speedometer is working but my odometer is dead...i need tips on 
>what i need to replace..and how if possible...in addition, the 
>overheating warning light comes on a few seconds after i start the 
>car but the car isn't overheating and the temp gauge itself is 
>working just the warning light is going haywire!!!...do i need to 
>change my whole onboard computer or what??...thanks guyz!!!
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