[urq] hesitation, bucking on takeoff - not resolved yet!

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Oct 19 21:26:59 EDT 2005

Yes - but it is relatively new and I'm able to adjust mixture and set duty 

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> Huw Powell wrote:
>>>Does not make
>>>sense that the car seems to have full power at speed, yet not enough
>>>to get out of it own way when starting from a standstill.
>> You don't mention checking this, so I'll suggest it (since the symptoms 
>> could fit the diagnosis) - how is your ignition timing?
> Does the urQ have an O2 sensor?  If not, nevermind. But if
> it does, a bad O2 sensor might confuse things at idle, then
> stay out of the way at WOT.
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