Wiring - was related voltage question

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Oct 19 21:53:41 EDT 2005

Yes,  when mine died, it happened in stop and go traffic on a hot day with 
AC.  All this ended up putting extra load and the car began to run poorly 
and then die.  The ECU voltage becan to drop and I was getting some strange 
random lights.  I think if I'd been cruising it would not have happened, but 
eventually it would have left me stranded.

Anyway, once it died that time, the only way I could get it restarted was to 
hook a battery up in front of the car and jumper directly to the starter. 
There was not enough good wire connectivity to get the starter to turn over, 
and if I recall, even the solenoid wasn't operating even when i took the 
feed off the big wire.


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> Thanks,
> I'll certainly give that a going over.
> Did you see Eric Kissell's post, he suggested the radiator fan drawing too 
> much. I'll certainly investigate that, because even with just a/c (and the 
> radiator fan) it seems to barely keep up, volts drop enough at stops to 
> kill the radio!
> Nick 

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