[urq] hesitation, bucking on takeoff - not resolved yet!

George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 19 22:19:30 EDT 2005

Ben -

That 89 80 I bought the transmission for from you displayed the same 
symptoms when I first bought it.  It had a large crack on the underside of 
the rubber air intake boot that runs from the fuel distributor to the 
throttle body.  When you launch in 1st or 2nd, the engine moves around 
enough to open the crack enough to kill vacuum to the fuel 
distributor.  This kills the engine, but when it does so, the engine rocks 
back to the original location.  The engine then resumes making power, and 
the cycle repeats.  When you get some speed up, it stops because the engine 
stops moving around so much. (I'm sure it's horrible on your hill, I've 
been there!  For those who don't know I would guess it's at least a 30 
degree angle down his driveway, and it's not a short one either.  In fact, 
I hesitated to drive down it in the Lincoln I was driving, especially since 
there was snow on the ground.) So check all rubber hose bits between the 
fuel distributor and the throttle body.

George Selby 

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