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Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Sun Oct 23 10:59:35 EDT 2005

The light had been intermittent prior to the car being stored for
nearly a year.   Then at some point after being resurrected, it began
to be on all the time even as soon as the ignition is turned on.  I
started investigating and found the fuse was blown.  Replaced it and
tested the ABS a few times and all seemed good.  Yesterday I was
lubricating and exercising the parking brake cables and levers.  Part
of this was to do a few hard stops which I've found is one way to get
the parking brake mechanisms in the rear calipers pulled back all the
way off without crawling under the car with a big screwdriver.  I
think I did 3-4 hard stops from low speed and with a few leaves and
sand, the ABS kicked in a little at least twice.  I didn't notice the
light right away though.  Not sure when exactly it came on.  I'm
inclined to replace the fuse again, but I obviously have some other
issue.  That write-up I included talked about the realy and the widely
varying inputs it must absorb.  I suppose those inputs could become
even more exaggerated if the sensors at the wheels are flakey,
misadjusted, or the splines are dirty.  Was ready to go after those
with general cleaning in mind, but kind of latched on to the
fuse/relay approach cause it's way less hassle, except for that darn
knee bolster.


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> Check to see that both front ABS probes are fully seated in their
> sockets.  Waas any work on the wheels done before the light came on
> stay?  Brake work?  Bearings replaced? Etc.?
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> >The Antilock Off light is constantly on in my '89 200q.
> >
> >I found the information below at 20v.org and a new fuse lasted a
couple of
> >days until I
> >"tested" the ABS a few more times today.
> >
> >If anyone had any additional information or other BTDT, please let
> >know.  My local
> >junkyard has a couple of possible ABS relay donors.  I'll see if I
> >obtain another
> >relay there on Monday for the sake of testing.  Couldn't find one
> >where I could
> >also find a price.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Ed
> >
> >
> >
> >(J Tomislav)
> >Simple Check for it is the following
> >   1.. Remove footwell cover (driver's side ... this is actually
the whole
> > shelf).
> >   2.. Remove ABS relay (should be middle row all the way to left
and it
> > has a red fuse in
> >it which is 10 amp I believe).
> >   3.. Look at fuse ... is it blown? If so, then here is your
> > Don't bother
> >replacing fuse ... it will blow again. Replace the relay. If you
> >don't believe me,
> >go ahead and put in another fuse and I bet it too will blow. This
> >prove the relay is
> >toast.
> >The relay is found on all the 1990 - 1992 audi 90's and coupes ...
> >regardless of
> >drivetrain. Best way to make sure is to look at the part number on
> >What happens is that there is this mother-of-a-diode inside that I
> >only assume shorts
> >out over time. This diode is put there to 'absorb', if you will,
> >counter-EMF that
> >occurs from turning off the ABS pump, so that the rest of the car's
> >electronics doesn't go
> >berserk.
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