Fuel Injector 'Doughnut' installation...

orsopers orsopers at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 11:27:37 EDT 2005

I am currently replacing the injector sleeves and o-rings on my '88 80q (NG
motor)  and I remember reading here once that you could use very hot water
to soften up the really tight green 'doughnut' o-rings that go on the top of
the injector.  Is that true?  The Bentleys says to lubricate before
installation but that is all.

I have been hunting down a vacuum leak and this is the last thing to do.
Actually I think that number 3 was allowing a vacuum leak as the sleeve came
off very easily and its 'doughnut' looked all smosshed not at all
doughnut'ish.  The other four were very hard to remove and looked very much
like the replacements.

Thanks for all the great advice over the years.  I doubt I would have been
able to keep my wonderful car runnig without all of you!

Rand Soper
'88 80q

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