'82 Tresser UrQ Value?

AUDIJIM@aol.com AUDIJIM at aol.com
Sun Oct 23 14:05:01 EDT 2005

I like the Treser UrQ. Simply put, it's different. We all have basically the 
same UrQuattro. Some of us are purists and have to have there UrQ factory 
correct, others enjoy modifying from a great starting point. The Treser UrQuattro 
was against the grain if you will. I believe there is little if not any engine 
mods done. Just like the Treser Super 5000 cars, it was all cosmetic. 
Depending on what the car looks like, I would imagine it might go cheap. The TRX 
tires are available from Cooper Tire, I believe they bought the molds from 
Michelin since they do not make them anymore. If anything, the Treser UrQ in the USA 
is rare. I'd scoop it up if I had the chance. Where is it? If your not 
interested, I am.

Jim Furdyn
1983 UrQuattro #170 
1987 4000cs Q
1987 Euro 200/5000cs TQ 284,000 miles
1996 A6 Quattro Avant 
1987 Mercedes Benz Truck model 1219

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