89 200TQ reman alternator too long

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Mon Oct 24 09:43:20 EDT 2005

Car is an 89 200TQ. Last year I had to replace the alternator while 
traveling. The alternator that I ended up with is a 90 amp unit. The 
problem is that the alternator shaft is set forward amout 10mm further 
than it needs to be. This causes premature wear of the belt. Everything 
else seems to line up fine. Does anyone know if the 110A has a different 
offset? The alternator currently has a very short cast pulley and cast 
aluminum fan. Not sure if that is normal, but even if I put a lower 
profile pulley/fan on it, it would probably be set forward too far.

 	89 200TQ
 	87 5kcstq
 	00 s4

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