Tie Rod (I think)

mkb mkb125 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 10:16:06 EDT 2005

I need to replace the tie rod ends on my 99 A4.

Do I need special tool V.A.G. 1923 ?

Do I really need to pull the inner tie rod off the
rack as the manual 

Are you talking about the outer tie rod ends?  If so,
I recently did mine on my 97 A4.

Only thing I removed was the tire.  Was pretty
straight forward IIRC.  Count the threads or mark the
position of the bolt on the thread before taking off
the old tie rod so that your aligment doesn't go off
by too much.

Handy to have a soft hammer or mallet to get the tie
rod off but should come off pretty easily.


97 A4 18tqa 

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