Bentleys** - '95 A6 BOOK MANUALS

alex v 928s at
Thu Oct 27 12:12:36 EDT 2005

Fay, depending on what you really need to get fixed 300
beans might not be enough to gather the books as the list
price of a new 3vol  "Audi 100, A6: 1992-1997" is $264.95
ISBN: 0-8376-0374-9

try your local Audi Dealer as the Chicago Audi Parts depot
likely keeps stock.

3rd vol book only

CD here:

& DVD version:


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Date: Oct 27, 2005 11:36 AM
Subject: **Bentleys** - '95 A6 BOOK MANUALS ********
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I will pay $300 to anyone who can get me the complete THREE
of Bentley manuals for my 1995 A6 in very good condition
asap !


Cheers,  Fay

928-600-1733  Direct

"Create a great day!"

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