[q-list] what would you rather have?

Bob bob at maxboostracing.com
Fri Oct 28 10:58:29 EDT 2005

Dont forget the relatively good  (IMO) reliablity of the 7A motor in the 
coupe, and that 12v v6 has a long and sorted history of issues. Of 
course YMMV.

Mike LaRosa wrote:

>hhhmmm,. let's see...
>CQ is a Quattro 2 door coupe, 5 speed(Not usre if auto
>was available) 2.3 liter 5 cyl with 4 valve cylinder
>heads,  like's revs to get power, about 160-170hp I
>The 90 CS Quattro is 4 door 5 speed quattro, 2.8 liter
>v6 2 valve heads, about 176hp,  has decent power at
>all rev's.
>For a practical driver ?  the 4 door is certainly more
>practical to transport humans,  but the Coupe will
>swallow bigger stuff in the hatch.
>This help ?
>93 100 csqa  (CSQuattro Avant=Wagon)
>--- Jason Kohls <jasonkohls at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I hope I don't start a religious war here, but I'm
>>torn right now;
>>there's a 1993 Audi 90 CS Quattro with 128K KM on it
>>for sale for
>>about 5000 as is.  To safety, it needs the front
>>brakes done and the
>>handbrake replaced -- say $800 (the brake parts were
>>around $500, I'm
>>thinking 300 for labour at 55/hr -- could be way off
>>here.  Feel free
>>to jump in.).  The exhaust is going to be an issue
>>in the next year or
>>two as well.
>>There's a 1990 Audi Quattro Coupe for sale at a
>>dealership for $5400
>>e-cert. and safetied, with work done on just about
>>everything I could
>>think of: brakes, rotors, timing belt, distributor,
>>clutch, etc. with
>>210K KM on it.
>>Spec/review wise, I've heard really good things
>>about the 90 and so-so
>>things about the CQ: anyone care to jump in?
>>I'm new to the Audi game but I'm in love... and
>>For all the Audi vets out there, what would you
>>take?   To qualify, my
>>tastes are definitely not refined; I've been driving
>>pickup trucks and
>>a Taurus for the last 10 years, so its more of a
>>matter of reliability
>>and investment here (I plan on babying either car). 
>>As for my
>>intentions, I'm not autocrossing or anything, just
>>looking for a
>>comfortable daily driver.
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