[q-list] what would you rather have?

Tom Leppke-Hennig printhead at usinternet.com
Fri Oct 28 17:58:18 EDT 2005

Jason said:

>> In the US, the B4 also ushered in the use of the 12V V6. In the B3, there are 10V and 20V
>> versions of the I-5, but the Coupe q always has a 20V in the US. From your use of km, it
>> could be that everything I am saying is of limited use.
> You mean with the high KMs on the CQ (214,000), this could negate all
> the positive attributes of I-5 20v?

Good point. No. What I meant was that since you referred to the car's kms instead of its
milage, I thought perhaps you were in a place where all of my US specific pontifications
would not be true. For example, I said the Coupe q only got the 20V. That MAY only be true
in the US. We are guilty of that on this list at times.

>> Its a tough choice. If I had a Coupe q and a 93 90q in front of me for similar money and
>> similar condition, I'd buy the Coupe, but this is still in the "Opinion" section.
> Not sure if you read my follow up email about the conditions of the
> cars, but the 90 seems to be neglected and, even though it has lower
> km, I'm a bit worried that there might be more problems with it that
> I'm not aware of.

I did. I just didn't want to make it sound like I would pretend to make you decision for
you. I was saying that all things being equal, I would chose the 20V. They rarly are, so you
have to weigh all the additional factors however you see fit. If the 90 has issues and the
Coupe doesn't, then it's even more biased toward the Coupe in my world.

A member also wrote that the V6s have proved problematic. I am not so sure that is true. The
93 and early 94 V6s established a shakey reputation right away because of some design issues
with the head gaskets and some aspects of the lubrication systems. Many were repaired early
in life. If you buy parts for the early V6s now, you get the updated parts. The I-5s have
their demons too. I have always attributed the mistrust of V6s  to "different is bad"


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