classic vehicle insurance

Eric Henning spiders_2000 at
Thu Sep 8 08:34:27 EDT 2005

From: "Ben Swann" <benswann at>
Subject: Classic vehicle insurance

>Looking for a no hassle classic vehicle insurance for
>an old truck - '71 Chevy Pickup.  Any

Finally added my "new" 86 4000CS to my inusrance
policy.  I also have an 81 Porsche 928s and a 76 VW
Bug conv.  In speaking with my insurance agent
(Liberty Mutual), the agent said they have antique
insurance for cars over 25 years old.  According to
him no restrictions and about $200 for each car.  You
need to get an appraisal from a certified appraissor. 
I not so sure I beleive the no restrictions yet but
I'm looking into it.

86 4000CS

ps - anybody partign out and 4000CS (or S)? I need a
few trim pieces here and there.

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