Window regulator. AC compressor, cable & lifter pivot woes

mike posner posne at
Thu Sep 8 23:30:04 EDT 2005

I've had the rude experience of  doing a test ride around the block to see how a recent repair went on my '90 200
only to have the drivers window  go down amid what sounded like  the clatter of broken glass and refuse to come up.

I found a very twisted cable disengaged on one end from the regulator and a broken tab on the lifter pivot. Hohen Audi in Encinitas wanted $900 to replace the regulator and

$1500         to replace the clacketty Ac compressor. This is after
spending  about $1500  and four trips to unsuccessfully 
locate all the freon leaks.  I had mentioned evidense of compressor oil seepage from under the ac clutch, but
they were unable to detect a leak from that location, until they found r12c leaks at two schrader valves (not at the same time). one at the hi pressure hose connector,and another
at an undisclosed location..  Anyhow, I think the cable
and pivot need to be replaced> Does anyone know if these are available separately?  The Swivel Pins as described in my Bentley might be a fix  but the 
lifter pivot looks too fractured to repair.    

Also I'm leaking  grease from both lft. annd rt. cv joints !.  Father  Joe may be getting a call  soon.

Mike, Encinitas Ca.

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