Window regulator. AC compressor, cable & lifter pivot woes cobram at
Fri Sep 9 00:01:34 EDT 2005

Regulator complete with motor cost about $100 brand new the last time I
bought one, they've probably gone up a bit with the weak dollar.  Even at
twice the price for the part, I can't see $700 labor for this.  The
Dealer?  Plenty in the archives, most people would rather have teeth
pulled than take their car to the dealer, sometimes even under

If you can't/don't want to do the work yourself, find a decent
independent shop.  Besides being a helluva lot cheaper, the euro-car
independent (believe it or not) will probably have much more experience
and knowledge of your car than the authorized dealer.

God's a kid with an ant farm, lady. He's not planning anything.

"mike posner" <posne at> writes:

> I've had the rude experience of  doing a test ride around the block 
> to see how a recent repair went on my '90 200
> only to have the drivers window  go down amid what sounded like  the 
> clatter of broken glass and refuse to come up.
> I found a very twisted cable disengaged on one end from the 
> regulator and a broken tab on the lifter pivot. Hohen Audi in 
> Encinitas wanted $900 to replace the regulator and
> $1500         to replace the clacketty Ac compressor. This is after
> spending  about $1500  and four trips to unsuccessfully 
> locate all the freon leaks.  I had mentioned evidense of compressor 

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