my Cayenne '89 200q

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Sep 9 02:42:47 EDT 2005

Just revived my 200 after nearly a year sitting unused in the garage.  156k miles on the
clock.  Reconnected the battery.  Checked the fluids.  Pulled the plugs and cranked her
over for a bit.  Reinstalled the plugs.  Fired right up.  Clackety lifters, but warmed up
most of the way without incident.  Shut off.  Remove boxes from the roof (nice soft
blanket on roof under boxes), remove various/sundry items from beneath.  Move V8 from
driveway.  Restart, back out, shut off.  Go get wallet and quarters for tire pump at 7/11.
Start, drive, air up tires.  Drive around for about 3 miles.  Cycle a/c.  It was as if it
had been run just last week.  Lifters now silent.  Sadly she must go.  Five Audis, the
newest a '91 and 7 cars total for a household of two, only one of which drives a stick.
I've got a couple of small issues to attend to, but aside from an oil change, I wouldn't
have much heartburn heading up to Denver or beyond as is.  Black sport interior.  Lots of
records.  Lots of attention to maintenance items throughout her life.  QLCC chip and euro
lights.  Anybody looking for a solid driver?

Colorado Springs

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