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Wed Sep 14 20:43:37 EDT 2005

Huw Powell wrote:
 > I am forwarding your question to the mailing list at,
 > rodro wrote:
 >>The chasis number is WAUZZZ81ZEA014246, then, can you tell
 >>me which is the correct engine for this car?

You can decode the 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification
number); digit 5 is the engine type.

To decode the VIN, I did a search, which lead me here:

Click on the "VIN Decoder" button and then enter the VIN.
Sadly, it shows that ZZZ81 is "unknown". (It may be the decoder
is for North America.)

This site:
shows the 10th digit (E) represents the model year 1984.

This site:
is a bit more helpful. The 81 (digits 7 and 8) indicates
it is a type 81, or Audi 4000 (in North America; maybe known
as the 80/90 in Europe).

And this one (from the Ukraine) has the information, but not
what you need:

Quoting (from a Babel Fish translation (
"Attention! Positions 4-6 contain useful information only in the
machines which went for the American market. Other machines have
at this place ZZZ. A code ZZZ it does not indicate the complete

So, I don't know. :)

Regards from Concord, NH USA.

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