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Max Wellhouse maxjoyce at ipa.net
Wed Sep 14 22:35:01 EDT 2005

I got jacked around on a $700 kayak sale via ebay with a similar 
Modus Operandae.  they sent me a $700 money order that really looked 
legit.  I deposited and waited for them to come get the boat.  They 
never did.  After spending the $700, a month later the bank calls 
with the bad news, it's a forgery.  It's the typical Western Union 
tap dance and the post office said the reason they get away with the 
forgery is that the bogus routing numbers on the Postal MO keep the 
check floating in the system since it has no where to go.  I was out 
a total of  $12 for a Western Union fee and that was enough of a lesson.

Lady from Chicago bought the boat on a subsequent auction
   Live and learn.

3 and 4 digit ebay feedback folks are inherently more trustworthy, IMHO.


At 08:41 PM 9/14/2005, Mike LaRosa wrote:
>all the time fay, usually they are from nigeria
>some prince wanting to give me money... somehow the
>checks always seem to get lost in the mail...  :)
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> > > Any body else on the list get correspondence like
> > this ???
> >
> > Only about 10 times a day.  The "Lads from Lagos"
> > are prolific if nothing
> > else.
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