Typ 89 front subframe bushings R@R question

Dave C dconner at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 14:31:50 EDT 2005

Radek asks...
"How much work is it to replace the front subframe bushings on an 88 90Q? 
The car has
developed a nasty jolt in the steering, most noticeable when stationary."
 Hi Radek,
It is a lot of work. You should not >assume< these bushings are the cause of 
the "clunk". You need to examine components until you find the cause and 
then deal with the offending member. There are definitely other things aside 
from subframe bushings that could be at fault. One possibility is the strut 
cartridges. Do you know their history? Some replacement cartridges, KYB for 
example, require a spacer to keep them from flopping around inside the 
housing. If this spacer is not installed it will cause a clunk like you 
good luck.
Dave C.

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