A 6 concerns ?

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Sun Sep 18 13:41:02 EDT 2005

Oooops, didn't mean to send this out blank.

I had the car to the dealership and I thought they
told me they checked the front end.   But when I
turn the wheel from a stand still I get one loud clunk?
For example I will swing out of the garage, turn the
wheel to the right to pull forward and it sounds like
the clunk is coming from the left . . . but cannot always
be sure .... does this sound like ball joint ?

When the car get quite warm, doesn't seem to
do this in Flagstaff, as I don't drive so many long periods
here, but in 101 º in Phoenix it was very apparent a few
times.    When the car is downshifting coming to a stop
I head a clunk.    Sometimes it happens I think from
second to third.    I also sometimes get a big flare in
the rpms.

It acts like it is low on tranny fluid but they told me
the transmission is SEALED and fluid cannot be added.

One of the things on the list from Audi to fix is the
tranny seal.    Anything I can do before I have money
to take care of that as far as the fluid?

Could this be some engine timing issue which would cause
it to act like the transmission is acting up?

Any suggestions?

They ran all of the fault codes when I was at the dealership
a few days after buying the car and they said there were
no faults.

I cannot tell what the outdoor temperature is because
the lights for the right side of rpm, the central panel,
and the left side of speedometer don't have lights.

Is this a bulb thing or a unit of some sort?

Same thing with the temperature for the
AC which is down near the tranny lever.  I cannot
tell whether the AC is on or off, and I cannot
tell the temp it is set at (unless I have bright
sunlight in the car.)   Night time those two
dash pannels are totally worthless.

{The previous owners said something about a
previous mechanic (the one before last) cutting
a wire and then telling them that it didn't make
any difference. }
Is it possible that cutting a wire would short circuit
lights somehow?

One of the two engine cooling fans is somewhat broken.

How big of a deal is it to change that myself?

Thanks !

Cheers,  Fay

^. .^   ~

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