insurance company hell with 4kq

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Wed Sep 21 08:33:40 EDT 2005

I'm not trying to defend the insurance companies, because I don't like them
either, but it sounds like they were pretty reasonable.
 I don't buy that you couldn't get a hold of anyone while a claims adjuster
was on vacation- they always have someone filling in during vacation. I am
in the middle of a claim right now and the same thing happened- the claims
adjuster went on vacation and I was able to work with her colleagues in the
same office to get things done.
 Most people don't rebuild totalled cars, so I don't think your
inconvenience related to that is really all that unusual.
 Sorry for your story, but insurance companies don't have any interest in
trying to pay out extra money- it has been a real PITA for me to get my car
fixed when it is so far a relatively minor rear-end collision. Unless
frivolous litigation can be eliminated (that would take a fundamental change
in our culture in the US) and insurance companies are legislated into
submissive efficiency (never happen as long as insurance companies are in
the business of making money), you'll never see it being easy to deal with
 After my recent accident, I don't think I'll ever drive any valued cars
during summer weekends on the highway, or to and from work.

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