insurance company hell with 4kq

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In my first post I told you, from my personal experience of being in a
similar situation in Washington State, you are entitled to an INDEPENDENT
appraisal, and this is paid for by the at-fault insurer.  (message attached)

I might suggest you do that, unless you've already cashed the check from the

~ Doug

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Just thought I would give an update to everybody on what happened with my
Quattro.  In june a woman turned in front of me at a light and banged up the
front of my 4kq.  Her insurance company, State Farm, accepted liability for
the accident and then tried to screw me over.  They initially offered me
about $1800 for the car which was not satasfactory considering all of the
work I had put into it.  The claim wasn't finally resolved until a couple of
weeks ago.  It was totaled, which is a major pita because WA DOL revoked the
registration on it and I now have to make an appointment to have it
reinspected by the WSP, their hours are like 10am-3pm monday to thursday,
during which time I am always in class.  I spent hours of reasearch online
finding other quattros for sale with prices that were high enough to make
mine look more valuable.  Once I compiled all of this and sent it to state
farm it took them a month to get back to me because the claims adjuster went
on vacation.  In the end I got almost $2400 for the car, which is reasonable
considering that I bought it a year ago for $1100 and put about $800 in
parts into it.  State farm did not give the slightest dam about any of the
reciepts that I had for parts.  This turned out to be one of the biggest
hassle in my whole life, and finding another quattro has been tough.
Nate Ray
Spokane, WA
no longer road legal, but still driven daily 86' 4kcsq

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