Low oil pressure 200 TQ

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Wed Sep 21 19:38:48 EDT 2005

Beatty, Robert wrote:

>Huw posted a tidbit about checking the oil pressure relief valve  which
>unless I'm totally off base, is the valve right behind the crank pulley that
>has a wire coming off of it.  
>I can see the exploded view of it in the manual, but I couldnt find anything
>about testing it or about how its suppose to work.  Its been a while since I
>had basic recip engine theory, but I believe this valve would regulate the
>oil pressure to a certain extent, correct?  If so, how do I make sure its
>working correctly?
RF is simple cylindrical plunger type with conical top, controlled by 
the spring. To make sure its working correctly, unscrew the oil pressure 
sender, take the spring and plunger out and inspect and clean the 
plunger, and the alu sealing seat. Then insert the plunger with a screw 
that fits snugly inside of it, and extends enough outside that one can 
hold it, and slightly tap on it with a small hammer several times, to 
make sure it made a good seat. Take the plunger out again and inspect 
and clean again. Lubricate and assemble. You can preload the spring with 
a steal washer, if the opening pressure wants to be slightly increased. 
If desired result isn't there, your oil pressure problem is elsewhere. 
Good luck.



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