Audi 5000 Diesel conversion

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Sep 22 21:23:02 EDT 2005

Kent McLean writes:
> Tony Hoffman wrote:
>  > Also, if fuel spouts are the same as in the US, you will need to
>  > either change it out, or pull out the restrictor somehow. Diesel
>  > nozles are larger in diameter than Gasoline.
> I'm no expert, but I'd look into the fuel delivery, too. Diesels
> work by high compression igniting the charge; the fuel delivery
> to the intake manifold may need higher pressure than gasoline fuel
> injection.  That may mean a new fuel pump, new fuel distributor,
> and/or a new tank. Just thinking out loud, as I don't know for sure.

I believe these early diesels use a belt-driven mechanical pump for
fuel delivery rather than an electrical pump.  So the fuel lines from
the tank to the injection pump needs to be changed or swapped.

There are electrical stuff to think about too.  Gasoline cars use
the ignition signal pulses to drive the tachometer but in diesels
there is no such system.  I am not sure how the tach is driven in
a diesel but I am quite certain this is not the only issue to contend

Ti Kan
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