Audi 5000 Diesel conversion

Steve Sears steve.sears at
Thu Sep 22 21:31:38 EDT 2005

Is that the one at Mike's?  If it is, it's good to see it going to be used
instead of being made into toasters, etc.  although I notice that the scrap
price is going down - the crushing rate has slowed down a bit.
In order to operate the climate coltrol, you'll have to get a special vacuum
pump, it looks very similar to the Cruise control pump but functions a bit
differently, I guess the TD does not scavenge (and save) vacuum from the
intake manifold like the gas turbo systems do.
You might also need things like a fuel pump (apparently those diesel units
really crank out some serious pressure) and other trinkets.  The family
album may be of some service in listing parts for the diesel engine.
Steve Sears
1987 Audi 5ktq
1980 Audi 5k
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW JUnior deLuxes

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> Hi Listers:
> I have 3 '85-'87 Audi 5000 CD TQ's. I would like to put a diesel in one of
> them. There is an '86 Audi 5000 S  Turbo Diesel in a local yard. The
engine is
> complete and cheap. I know it won't win any 1/4 mile drags, but we all
> too fast anyway.
> Can anyone confirm the following: ?
> 1) I have been told that you don't need a computer for the diesel.
> 2) Motor mounts etc. are the same, simply bolt in.
> 3) The manual transmission from the gas TQ bolts to the diesel.
> Are there any other problems I should be aware of?
> Cheers
> George

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