Audi 5000 Diesel conversion

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> Hi Listers:
> I have 3 '85-'87 Audi 5000 CD TQ's. I would like to put a diesel in 
> one of
> them. There is an '86 Audi 5000 S  Turbo Diesel in a local yard. The 
> engine is
> complete and cheap. I know it won't win any 1/4 mile drags, but we all 
> drive
> too fast anyway.
> Can anyone confirm the following: ?
> 1) I have been told that you don't need a computer for the diesel.
> 2) Motor mounts etc. are the same, simply bolt in.
> 3) The manual transmission from the gas TQ bolts to the diesel.
> Are there any other problems I should be aware of?
> Cheers
> George

I don't have the FA to confirm this but I would bet on the diesels 
having different gear ratios. They redline at a much lower rpm, have 
more torque, and a narrower powerband so I'm thinking that the ratios 
would be closer and the final drive ratio would be higher.

Roy Wendell
Morgantown WV, USA
turbo quattro type 44 times 3

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