more oil pressure issues 89 200tq

Robert Beatty beattyr2003 at
Fri Sep 23 19:20:09 EDT 2005

Figured out my pressure problems for the most part.  I verifed oil pressure 
with a mechanical gague and with 10W40 oil I am seeing approx 15 psi at 
warmed up idle, 30 psi at 2k rpm and 60 psi at 4k rpm.

I still am seeing low oil pressure at startup and when i pull the temp 
sensor under the relief valve its sticking against the seat.  It will free 
up if I increas rpms briefly at startup but thats not good for the motor 
overall.  I have already tried cleaning the valve body and switched it for 
another one I had as well.  I also tried cleaning the seat with a rag soaked 
with carb cleaner to try and break up any varnish.  Couldnt tell how 
sucessful I might have been though, and i'll check it again in a while once 
it has cooled to see if its still sticking.

Anyone got any ideas besides changing the oil pump which is something I 
*REALLY* dont want to do.



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