veggie oil??

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Hey guys there was a cool segment on Trucks a few months back about 
BioDiesel. Yes I watch the Power Block on Spike on the weekends.
I had my miniDV cam handy and recorded it (missed the first min when they 
talk about most of the PH thing) and Divxed it ( a codec you need from to watch it )
You can download it from
But its huge 50MB and I only have a T1 on my server so get it this weekend 
as it has to make me money during the week.
Rather informative. I looked up the price on the setup they used for the 
show and its like $3k for the one they use.

There is also a good video of driving the A8 from my house to my dads lake 
house on the back 5x! its a twin turbo/supercharged/with a 
turbojet engine A8...summer and winter package of course!


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> Cody said
> "I'll post more on this subject tomorrow (like instructions on how to run
> your diesel on veggie oil for free!!), but I must get going on my road 
> trip
> now.
> -Cody Forbes
> And I'm dying to know more about that, because I look at 3.00$+ a gallon 
> and
> just shake my head.  Free sounds a whole lot better :)
> Rob

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