veggie oil?? (was RE: Audi 5000 Diesel conversion) SuffolkD at
Fri Sep 23 22:28:37 EDT 2005 was a place I read about it.  French Fries.... Hmmmmm.. was a new England local site w/ a darryl 
Hannah picture..........
You can heat your home at a 20% bio and 80% Home heating oil (#2?)
-SCott by BOSTON

> Cody said
> "I'll post more on this subject tomorrow (like instructions on how to run
> your diesel on veggie oil for free!!), but I must get going on my road trip
> now.
> -Cody Forbes
> From: "Robert Beatty" <beattyr2003 at>
> And I'm dying to know more about that, because I look at 3.00$+ a gallon and 
> just shake my head.  Free sounds a whole lot better :)
> From: Mark R <>
> Not exactly "free." It can work as a large percentage of fuel, but the
> lubricity isn't the same (let alone the filtration issues). From what
> (admittedly little) I've read in the technical journals, engine longevity is
> severely compromised. But hey... old '80's diesels are CHEAP and if you can
> get the used veggie oil free, all you need is some filtration and several
> disposable cars! =)
> If I had a fleet of old VW rabbit "oil burners," I'd try it out. Will make
> everyone behind you hungy for french fries. ;-)

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