Muffler repair...let it leak!

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Tue Sep 27 16:37:55 EDT 2005

How about the header wrap you can get from JcWhitney? That is plent heat resistant, yet lets a bit of air in and out.
Tony Hoffman

Mikea2769 at wrote:
Looking to avoid cat-back replacement of exhaust system on my (still) good 
running 87 5kcstq. At almost 320k miles I'm just milking it till something 
major put's her to rest.

One of the mufflers (above axle) has spouted a good hole with surrounding 
deterioration, on a rounded surface that makes patching a very temporary fix. 
I've used screening and sheet metal along with the sealer but it doesn't last 
more than a few weeks-the pressure blows it out eventually-no surprise. So, 
what if I stopped trying to contain the pressure?

I'm aware of potential health dangers that a leak could cause-we don't need 
to discuss this issue.

I can live with the leak-just trying to keep it quiet. What I'm considering 
is wrapping the area of the muffler in some type of heat proof padding (?) to 
act as a sound deadener-the exhaust will then INTENTIONALLY seep through it. 
Long hose clamps to hold it in place.

So my question is..anyone have suggestions on what type of material might 
work? It would be subjected to high heat of coarse as well as wet weather.
Some type of heat proof fiberglass? Stainless steel wool?


Mike Aiello
87 5kcstq, 316k miles, orig. owner

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