veggie oil?? (was RE: Audi 5000 Diesel conversion)

tihol tiholov tihol.tiholov at
Tue Sep 27 18:02:07 EDT 2005

>Just out of interest, what is the pack of
cigarettes/gallon of petrol ratio in the states? or
anywhere else who cares to answer.

You're looking for off-topic chastizing but ...

>In the UK we are at ?4.40 for petrol, ?4.60 for cigs

In Williams Lake, (Interior) BC, Canada, was $109.9 Can/litre regular, heard that it went down to $0.99Can/litre, Cigs are a bit over 6 bux/25

In next door to the West Alberta, gas is a few pennies lower, cigs are about 9 bux/25


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