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Wed Sep 28 18:23:39 EDT 2005

Stephen Gutierrez wrote:
>about this whole water powered thing.
>I saw a guy on the local news who developed a
>cutting torch which ran off of water and electricity.
>the torch had a flame, quote, "as hot as the sun." he
>burnt a hole through charcoal in a matter of seconds.

It was mentioned in this article

>when he turned it off the tip of the torch was cool to
>the touch.
>he made a hybrid car(could run off of gas or water).
>he drove from i think texas to nevada on 2 gallons of

Well, actually there are people in AZ who are working
with scientists who have converted their automobiles
to run with tanks of hydrogen.

They are also working on a grant which operates a home
where they will try to collect animal waste and convert
it in some way to hydrogen.  

My hubby worked for them as a handyman for a couple
of months, so this is first hand.   Any one want
their home number, you can write me off list.

The cost to covert the car over to H was small compared
to the cost of gasoline.  The holdup at this point
is manufacturing enough hydrogen to power the
cars in an efficient and economical manner.

Today's fantasy is tomorrow reality !

Cheers,  Fay

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