The right parts... 10V MC 1 Turbo (Long)

jesper moreau at
Thu Sep 29 21:41:12 EDT 2005

As many of may remember I fully rebuilt a 1988 5KTQ last year...
complete with 1.8 bar mapping from 2B with spring, blau 272 cam, 2
piece EM, special valve job with radial exhaust lip. hone. rings, and
bearings on the bottom end. K24 turbo 3" exhaust... Absolutely
meticulous. Countless things beyond explanation were done.

What I have learned:

The spark plugs. Bosch makes a plug -  THE W4DPO - Many rave about it.
It is a platin-platinum plug that burns very hot. Hard to get and even
harder to pay for. listing at about 30 bucks a pop you can find them
for around $13-$15 ea. I thought I would give them a try. After
getting my engine together and not knowing what to expect, I accepted
the "tuned V8" gurgle I was getting. I knew that a 272 duration is
such that it disturbs the air flow and the idle can be somewhat
erratic.  2Bennett suggested to never use anything on a 10vTurbo other
than an NGK-BP6ET.
The completion of the build fell on January 15th, and 2 weeks ago (mid
september) I developed a miss during any kind of boost. no air leaks,
good sensors, no plugging of the Cat. To make an already long story a
bit shorter, I Installed them, the erratic idle went bye bye, and the
missing 20 horses I thought I should have had from the get go came for
the ride. Unbelievable! The fact is, the bosh W4DPO's do not enter the
combustion chamber quite as far as the NGK's do. I guess the hotness
of the bosch made up for it a little but just do not fire as
efficiently. It is a whole different beast.

ah, the blaufergnugen 272 cam "kit".
1 272 cam
10 lifters
1 valve cover gasket.
I have got good and bad to say about this one. After the build I had a
lot of tapping from the lifters. I figured, radical cam... valve
tap...oh well. after a while and doing the routine experimentation
with viscosities, constant tapping from 4 and 5 prevailed. So I went
in to check it out. Come to find that the lifters that blau sold me
were not the "german" ones, yet the slightly cheaper ones hence the
"deal" you get on the kit. I went ahead and ordered some lifters
(german of course) and when they arrived I noticed they had a
completely different contact surface... coated in fact, rather than
bare steel. I put those puppies in and voila! no tapping.....yet ha
ha!  Now the cam was absolutely spotless and looks as good as it did
when I bought it.

I'll cover other things later on. But thought you all may benefit from
this long winded tid bit.
Now my car has a nice low hum, no tapping and enough gusto to scare
you on gears 1,2,and 3 at WOT.

Jesper Moreau
'88 5KTQ rocket
'86 5KTQ stocket

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