'92 S4 electrical gremlins

jesper moreau jesper5ktqm.audi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 18:03:49 EST 2006

There is about 0.33A drain when the car is off. Pulling A3, B1, and
fuse 8 stops it.
Replaced window relays - no better. There is other odd behavior.
Pulling fuse 8 makes some window relay click. Sometimes relays chatter.
Shutting off the ignition will sometimes close the sunroof and/or lock
the doors.
Sometimes everything works fine. I'm sure it is all related.
Probably intermittent wiring harness short or other mal-connection.

I figure a problem might be in the locking/ignition system since it is
somewhat connected for key operation of the windows and locks.

Anyone care to point me in a better direction as my experience is a bit
limited outside of the 5KTQ and 4KQ.

as always thank you all in advance.

Jesper Moreau
'88 5KTQ rocket - 239HP CIS Daily driver
'87 5KTQA Projekt eminent - future 420HP EFI  Daily driver
'86 5KTQ stocket - gone but not forgotten

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