Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun Apr 2 09:21:16 EDT 2006

Jeff Redig wrote:
> Hey cody-
> Javad is a spec dealer.  i'd also recommend looking at kennedy
> engineering in cali.  I have their disc and PP setup, and am very
> happy with it.  rated for 500+ ft'lbs.  6 puck metallic unsprung disc,
> stage II PP.  Fairly short engagment, but strong has heck!  holds up
> to 5k rpm clutch dumps all day.
> Also, why not just track down a 3b flywheel?  start at 16.5 lbs and
> machine a little off?  I've seen them for $50 on www.car-part.com.
> it'll switch you over to the flat setup, same as 7A etc..
> cheers
> jeff

Well the big reason is that I've got an extremely limited ammount of money 
to do this. The baby and his asociated stuff has eaten up all my money, and 
I'm putting my car back together with my state tax return, which is just a 
few hundred bucks. In Florida we had a machinist on staff at the shop, and 
he still is doing my flywheel for free, so I just need to purchase the 
cheapest good stong clutch I can get, because I need the car to drive. My 
better half is sick of having to drop me off at work when she or kiddo has a 
doc appointment, mostly because I work 97 miles away.

I dunno about using a Kennedy unit. We used to use Kennedy clutches in our 
Porsche race cars, but we found that the pressure plates explode on a 
regular basis after something near 15-20 hours of (race) run time. We went 
back to *stock* Porsche/Sachs pressure plates with 6 puck discs which is 
reliable and works fine under about 400hp. Of course I know it's an entirely 
different pressure plate for the Audi, but still after seeing better then a 
dozen of them go I'm hesitant to use anything they make.

-Cody Forbes
'86 5ktq
'86 5k-t-q
'87 5ktq - Fast.

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