Alfa Romeo 159 A4 Avant?

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at
Sun Apr 2 19:10:22 EDT 2006

Ed wrote:

>Ford 500 (!)

Great minds think alike ;).  When I first saw that car I thought Ford had
been sitting in my driveway with sketch books and parts lists.  What's
astonishing is that the price is almost a third *less* in 2006 dollars than
my '87 5KCSTQ cost in *1987* dollars.  Amazing.

I look at that car and I think that it's late '80's Audi 5KCSTQ except that
it's much less expensive, probably better-built, and with more features.  If
I were in the market for a new car right now, that car would be at the top
of my list, in the Limited, AWD version.

Alex Kowalski
'87 5KCSTQ
'86 5KCSTQ

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