ATF versus Pentosin Pumps and Racks (Engine Swap Issue)

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The original rack is made for the same oil as the original hydraulic pump
Use the pump for the same oil as the rack is using

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Subject: ATF versus Pentosin Pumps and Racks (Engine Swap Issue)

> I'm putting a 3B in a 4000Q.  I'd like to use the PS pump from the 3B
> because it fits well, much better than trying to mount the original 4000Q
> The problem is that the 4000Q uses ATF in its system, and the 200 TQ  20V
> donor uses the mineral oil.
> Would it be OK to flush either the rack or the pump, and switch to one or
> the other fluid?  I'd really like to stay with the ATF.
> Alternatively, does anyone know of a pump that VW/Audi used that is the
> of the pump found in the 200 TQ 20V, but is designed to use ATF?
> I hope you all see my issue.  If anyone has any helpful ideas, I would
> appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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