another wild goose hunt for a little plastic bit

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at
Wed Apr 5 13:24:11 EDT 2006

McMaster-Carr might have something that would work, too.   Boy, I'm becoming
a fan of theirs even though they didn't have the right size flange nut for
my car.  But this assortment looks quite a bit like some of the ball and
socket connectors I've seen for RC helicopters.,1099,2645&sesnextrep=512833948826949&ScreenWidth=1152&McMMainWidth=932

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

>Has it come to the bailing wire and chewing gum phase
>of 5000 maintenance already? Where have all those years

>Well, I'm not quite ready yet. I got a close look at that
>little plastic ball socket today and was able to make out
>the p/n as 443 837 171. It may be NLA but it's worth
>a shot.

Please let us know how that goes.

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