Trunk lid won't open

L DC ldc007usa at
Mon Apr 10 11:51:04 EDT 2006

Thanks Cody, and everyone else.

Yes, is the same car, Cody; locking mechanism in the
center of the trunk not to the side.

I think I'm screwed.

I have tools, including a floor jack, in its box,
laying across inside the trunk. Hey, how the hell
would I have known the lock was going to break?? 

As far as the central locking mechanism is concerned,
it works for the doors, but I don't think it worked
for the trunk. That was one of the "minor" things I
was going to get to eventually.

Just on Thurday, I opened the trunk but noticed I had
to play with the key a bit, unlike before. Yes, same
key opens front door and starts the vehicle.

Also, I recall that in order to retrieve the key, I
had to turn in back to the vertical position, every
time I closed the lid.

Thank you again for your input.


--- Cody Forbes <cody at> wrote:

> LL - NY wrote:
> > Behind the rear seatback is bodyframe + the tank.
> The only of
> > significance is the ski sack. IF you can get a
> light and long "tools"
> > through the sack, you'll have to pull the trim
> cover over the
> > passenger side inside of the trunk lid to get to
> the mechanism. Then
> > you can try pulling, pushing, raising, or lowering
> of the rod to try
> > to release the trunk.
> >
> > Good luck,
> >
> Louis' car is a 5ktq with the lock in the center of
> the trunk, not off to 
> the side.
> Louis I know your car does have the ski sack (if
> this is the white one I 
> worked on). You'll need to go through the ski sack
> with something long and 
> hooked. If you can pull the mechanism straight
> forward towards the front of 
> the car it should pop the trunk. Another idea
> though, if you trunk lock is 
> on "automatic" mode try locking and un-locking the
> doors. Assuming the power 
> locks work that may unlock the trunk so you can just
> push the button and 
> viola.
> -Cody Forbes
> '86 5ktq
> '86 5k-t-q
> '87 5ktq - Fast.

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