5KTQ: R&R fuel pump

L DC ldc007usa at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 10:09:44 EDT 2006

Thank you all for your input.

> Rubber dead-blow hammers work well.  You can use a
> large wooden dowel, or  something non-sparking, like

I have both, rubber dead blow hammer and wooden dowel,
so will use that.

My understanding here is that I will use the above to 
to <remove the ring plate that holds the sender
unit/fuel line header into place> 

AND, that I <won't be able to get the little hoses
into the nooks and crannies of the fuel tank until
after you've removed the ring that holds the cover 
and seal in place.>

I assume this part (removal of the ring) has to be
done inside the fuel thank?

And is the part in Mike's write-up, on Miller's
website, where he states...<Note the slotted retainer
rings. Rotating it counter-clockwise removes it,
clockwise puts it back. If you have room to work, this
isn't terribly difficult, and you won't need a big
hammer. Remove ring.>

And again, this procedure is to separate the sending
unit from the rest so that I can remove the fuel pump
through the somewhat reduced orifice on top of the
fuel tank, correct? 

I will all make sense when I actually look at it.

A will have the help of a friend, to keep an eye on
things, and we'll have not one but two fire
extinguishers at hand just in case. Car is also parked
away from any burning structure, including trees or

Just because safety, ALWAYS, comes before anything

Thanks again,


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