2.5 l stroker

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More on this.  Someone said they have the 2.5l rods and pistons.  Great!
However more questions come to mind.


I have an MC-1 block that has been align bored and the MC-1 crank turned to
match and will use with one siaze over bearings.  So will this work with the
pistons and rods, or do I need a different crank?  Also have the full NG
block.  Which is the combination I need to use?


Block to be topped with NG Head and Eurovan manifold with EFI and



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I'm building a bottom end for a 10V with NG head and siamized valves.

Interestingly enough the manifold I've procured from a Eurovan to do EFI
already has 2.5 imprinted on it..  


So now I'm wondering if I can obtain 2.5l internals to fit into an  MC-1
block and if so, what is the cost and where to get them.  Also have an NG
block, but assume that would be too high in compression, but maybe that is
what I'd need to use.  


Also,  how did you deal with the compression issues - if any?



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