200 tqa questions

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 18 13:47:49 EDT 2006


I'm a newbie on the mailing list.

I just bought a 200TQA, in west Montreal, that was
listed on audifans by 
a Mr J.Bell. the car seems in good order and the
vendor pointed out the 
main issues and in some cases provided the spares to
fix them.  :-) 

I needed some transport to go off camping with the
family and at the 
price, it seemed the best way forward
it seems a bit different to my trusty golf 2 gti
notably, since i just 
arrived from the UK, 'cos the steering wheel is on the
wrong (left) side.
I thought that the germans were supposed to be good
with little details 
like that!

FYI: I used to run an independent VW/Audi specialist
garage  in North 
Wales (UK) and am therefore not unaccustomed to
pulling cars apart.
the daftest audi thing that i managed to do at the
garage was change an 
87 coupé quattro clutch by myself using  spanners, 2
jacks and 4 axle 
I say daft 'cos i got a bit tired whilst trying to
bench press the box 
back into place and had to take a 40 minute break to
get my strength 
back whilst lying on the floor under the car with the
gearbox on my 
chest. I won't be trying that again (alone) any time

I have a couple of issues that i need to cure, on the
200, and was 
advised to ask you guys, by a couple of members in
montreal who dabble 
in Ur-Quattros
So far, i have fixed the green gold leaks with
re-manufactured hoses and 
got some decent oil pressure back by replacing the
Fram oil filter with 
a decent Mann example. as yet the ABS is U/S but I'll
get to that when I 
have a mo and have fully digested all of the useful
info in the FAQ/ 
tips area

the problems that I have are:

1. boost leak.
i have a j tube between the turbo and the intercooler.
this is in 3 
parts (visible from the outside) and comprises a
rubber hose from the 
turbo, a metal tube that EKTA tells me is a silencer /
pulse damper and 
a rubber bellows at the connection to the intercooler
(035 145 760). the 
boost leak is at the bellows that audi tells me is
NLA. i can replace 
the whole thing with 034 145 746F but thats 300 CAD  
tax. not a big 
deal, but if there is a cheaper solution that is just
as good, then all 
the better for me and the bank manager
Anyone know of a suitable replacement for the bellows
manufacturers / sundry bit of plumbing etc)?

2. rear electric windows
the rear window regulators/ lifter motors work
the passenger side works with the key in but ignition
off, the driver's 
side only works with the ignition on.
if i press the switch to give control of the rear
windows to the rear 
passengers the fuse blows.
i guess that the fault is either in the armrest/door
handle switch block 
or in the door  bellows somewhere.
Anyone else already had this fault or am I on my own?
ta in advance for any help


for the picky individuals among you, i would like to
remind you that  
there are: 
RHD- Right Hand Drive vehicles and
LHD - Wrong Hand Drive vehicles.
god save the queen!

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