My red 5k-t-q

Cody Forbes cody at
Sat Apr 22 09:19:00 EDT 2006

Mark J. Besso wrote:
> Cody,
> Do you still have the studs required for the BBSs?  If not, you can
> use the lug bolts from a '79-'82 Porsche 924 Turbo.  They are the
> correct thread, use the correct ball-seat, and have the necessary
> length to reach the hub. (Remember, the 924 was originally an Audi!)
> ~Mark

Actually I left them installed when I put the factory wheels back on. Oddly 
enough I dicovered they are metric on the end that fits the hub (of course 
we knew that), but they are 'standard' thread on the other end. I had to 
replace a lug nut, and had a hell of a time finding the right nut when 
looking through the metric section!

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