re. DANG IT! Re: My red 5k-t-q

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Mon Apr 24 13:28:48 EDT 2006

On Apr 23, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Ben Swann wrote:

> It got better fuel economy than my 2Cqt20v  and with QLCC chip went  
> just as
> fast.

I take it you haven't chipped the 200q20v...because with a chip, it  
keeps up with just about all of Audis' current "fast iron", even the  
V8 S4 (having 600lb less to haul around helps a fair bit.)  Only  
chipped-or-better S4 biturbos are faster.

> Now I'm trying to find an avant for someone else.  It seems you can
> never find as good of a deal when you are buying a car as for the  
> price you
> sold the same kind of car.

The 200q20v can get mileage as good as the 10v's; it's just a little  
tougher since the car makes a lot more power.  I cruised home from  
one of the board meetings on back roads (40-45mph limit) a week or  
two ago.  Out of brazen curiosity I used 5th gear  most of the time  
and watched my pedal usage very carefully.

5th keeps revs low enough that turbo response is muted a fair bit,  
and you don't get as much engine braking- as a result I got 24.5mpg.   
For half the trip, I had 26mpg showing, but 3 stop signs fixed that,  
even if I accelerated gently.


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