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Agreed mostly, and yes I have chipped the 2c20v's and my chips are as good
as the others you mentioned BTW and cost less.

I disagree on the fuel mileage, I never had problem getting 28+ MPG highway
and 24 around town a 5000 turbo Q avant and chipped cars do better than
unchipped - go figure.  I have not been able to break 25MPG on the 2C20v's -
not bad, but around town they usually don't do better than 20.  You simply
can not beat the earlier aerodynamic and lighter 5000 and 200 models which
is on par with a lot or todays economy cars.

Would I take an earlier 5k or 200 over a '91 - NO.  But my neighbor wants an
earlier model for the fuel economy, and I don't blame him.

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On Apr 23, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Ben Swann wrote:

> It got better fuel economy than my 2Cqt20v  and with QLCC chip went just
as fast.

I take it you haven't chipped the 200q20v...because with a chip, it  
keeps up with just about all of Audis' current "fast iron", even the  
V8 S4 (having 600lb less to haul around helps a fair bit.)  Only  
chipped-or-better S4 biturbos are faster.

> Now I'm trying to find an avant for someone else.  It seems you can
> never find as good of a deal when you are buying a car as for the  
> price you sold the same kind of car.

The 200q20v can get mileage as good as the 10v's; it's just a little  
tougher since the car makes a lot more power.  I cruised home from  
one of the board meetings on back roads (40-45mph limit) a week or  
two ago.  Out of brazen curiosity I used 5th gear  most of the time  
and watched my pedal usage very carefully.

5th keeps revs low enough that turbo response is muted a fair bit,  
and you don't get as much engine braking- as a result I got 24.5mpg.   
For half the trip, I had 26mpg showing, but 3 stop signs fixed that,  
even if I accelerated gently.


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