Forgotten cars that shouldn't be... not for me!

Brady Moffatt brady at
Wed Apr 26 11:37:22 EDT 2006

No, the part "that wasn't supposed to get out to the list" was about my
lusting after a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8V/16V/Evo1/Evo2.

But I was just kidding....

Martin? He's a great guy, and a walking encyclopedia of Quattro knowledge to


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From: L DC [mailto:ldc007usa at]

Which part Brady?

This part==> Besides, that's Martin's car. I think we
can be pretty sure it's well put together.

If so, I don't know him anyway, but from what I've
read on the description, he seems like a real cool
audi enthusiast.

Then again, aren't we all in this site? ;)

-Best Regards,


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