Forgotten cars that shouldn't be... not for me!

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Wed Apr 26 16:22:50 EDT 2006

nasty colour but thers's always this if we are into
homologation specials

must figure somewhere in the list after the group b
battles with the sport-q

Cody Forbes wrote:
> Brady Moffatt wrote:
>> No, the part "that wasn't supposed to get out to
the list" was about
>> my lusting after a Lancia Delta HF Integrale
> I'm going to say I'd say a Sport Quattro over an HF
Integrale, the HF 
> over the R5-T2 (oh my god, a car named after a blue
and white trash 
> can that beeps....), and the R5-T2 over the ur-Q.
> Really the R5 Turbo2 that I've been driving arround
ALOT now (home 
> from work yesterday, yay!) will hands down rock an
urQ and laugh at it 
> all the way arround any race track in the world.
Sorry, but it's the 
> truth. This R5 is the closest car I've come across
to the handling of 
> our 914-6 race cars, and it's on street tires. I
decided to skid pad 
> the R5, and at close to full steering lock and 35mph
I could BARELY 
> hold my head up straight anymore with still no sign
of tire slippage. 
> With sticky tires, like Hosiers, I think I would
need a 5 point 
> harness and a neck brace to drive the thing and stay
in the seat. Even 
> on pure acceloration it's a no brainer, close to
200hp and well under 
> 2300lbs beats the urQ's what 160hp and maybe
> BUT we are not comparing apples to apples. The R5
Turbo is Renault's 
> Group B homologation car, and the urQ is not Audi's
homologation car, 
> the Sport Quattro is (unless I'm mistaken, which is
highly possible). 
> Of course if we are talking in terms of money the
Sport Quattro is 
> worth ALOT more then an R5, which is in the $20,000
range, and an UrQ 
> is half that.
> Final answer:
> If I had $10k to spend on a car I would paint my
black TQ and buy 
> something like a urA6. If I had $20k I would buy an
R5 just like the 
> one at my shop. If I was Jay Leno I'd buy a Sport
Quattro, an urQ, an 
> R5, an RS6, and an S8 for good measure with an R8
being my autocross toy.
> -Cody Forbes
> '86 5ktq
> '86 5k-t-q -Parts
> '86 5k-t-q
> '87 5ktq - Fast.

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